(Video) Life is Your Talents Discovered – Sir Ken Robinson

The thing is… I’m telling you about that because if you think of the chances of you being born at all, it’s pretty remote right? Statistically. All the people that had to meet in the right circumstance… Think about your partner if you have one. The chances are pretty remote. Think of the things you do and how that came about. Your whole life is composed by the choices you make, the turnings you moved towards, the ones you turned away from, the chance you are prepared to risk, the way you deal with your fear or you don’t, you know, and in the process you create a life. Of some sort. And it’s a miracle. And it amazes me how little people settle for very often. They go through the whole of their lives in the state of anxiety thinking, “Well, if I tried it, it won’t work.” And anyone who has ever achieved anything in their lives must be prepared to be wrong and make a mistake and try it. And that’s how culture progresses. How our lives progress is how you build a legacy and have a life in the process

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