What 4 Types Of Credit Cards Say About You

Do you use credit cards?

Many of us do. Some to enjoy cash back, some to collect miles… All to make our dollar go the extra mile for our spending where possible.

While we’re on the topic of credit cards, do you know anyone in your circle who holds the following cards? Time to see if their personalities match the cards that they hold.



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The word jetlagged has become overrated to you.

The Intrepid traveller for work or leisure, you have transcended time zones to such an extend sleep deprivation is nary an issue. The airplane is your vehicle of choice. You are very much comfortable being away from home and accumulating miles for the next journey can possibly be an obsession.  The world IS your home. A home that never bores you.

You might speak several languages, or have intimate knowledge of the nooks and crannies of several different cities. It is to such an extent that you might be mistaken for a local in a foreign land by less seasoned travellers (and sometimes by locals themselves)!


Oh you savvy person you are.

The super saver in you will have found that ONE card that may provide you with more than 3% in rebates for ANY expenditure*. Perhaps you prefer instead to be rewarded for your spending, be it groceries or dining.

Whatever you do, you do it with a good amount of prudence. You do it best with a keen eye for the greatest bounty you may drag in while on your life quests. You are probably not one to be hasty. Enjoying a little of everything, you will not bet on just the one horse.

Your secret mantra is to diversify.

And if it means just choosing one way to live, you ensure you calculate your options.

Vrouwenleven: Mevrouw de Koning staat achter de toonbank van haar zaak/winkel voor levensmiddelen (kruidenier) een klant te woord. Boskoop, 1961.

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Life begins at shopping.

You are not going to apologise about being who you are – a shopaholic.

A successful one.

You are likely to be a working female with enough resources to own a pretty credit card, because it is pretty (and pretty nifty to boot).

You survey the malls at least once a week. It works perfectly between yoga and brunch with your equally commendable girlfriends. They too know all the best shopping applications and you share these with each other with such savoir-faire.

Mondays are for wearing weekend purchases and Fridays are for a night out in town… How else are you going to display the newest accessory bought online or that gorgeous must have bag on hire purchase?


We know for a start that you need a 6 figure income to have one of these babies.

One look at that slick piece of plastic and your credit limit is for all to see. Not necessarily the best thing to happen in some situations.

But wait, did I say plastic?

No, plastic is just too passé for the discerning high net worth person that you are. Your card is probably made of high grade alloy of some sort and has got dining and travelling privileges wrapped up in slick dark colours made only for VIPs.

24 hour concierge? Of course. Free air miles for all flights you say? Incredible but yes. Airport lounge access. Absolutely. Business Class? Only when you aren’t travelling First. You are someone who can afford the finer things in life.

And yes you know just how to enjoy it all.

*Minimum sums in your account balance are required to enjoy card privileges.

What cards do your friends have? Tell us more!

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