What Kind Of A Man Has Trouble Paying His Mortgage

SINGAPORE — A man is supposed to provide and protect. The answer? The hard-working kind just like Lee. He was well educated and worked over 40 hours every week, yet he was buried under the heavy weight of too many bills.

It’s the new epidemic. The working man barely gets by. And the stress of it wreaks havoc on his life, especially his marriage. Lee said:

“At least my marriage was ok, so I thought. I mean, sure it wasn’t perfect. Our biggest problem was the money. I had to save money, I thought she understood. She knew we lived paycheck to paycheck. Anniversaries and special little gifts and outings were just out of the question, but I was a good provider.”

“I always worked, at least 40 hours every week, but between taking care of the mortgage, the medical bills, cars, retirement… I wasn’t showing much interest in anything. And, well, I guess she was a lot more lonely and worried than I thought. I do wish I would have done something, but it’s too late now.”

A couple other men shared similar stories of what happens when you’re buried in bills…

Tom said, “I’m a professional, I went to college for 4 years, and I thought I’d make enough money to live a good life and secure a great future for my family.

But when my income wasn’t keeping up with our bills, our relationship started to break down. She sensed my stress and always told me not to worry, but we stopped talking the way we used to…. and I was pissed 24/7.

“I just couldn’t connect or relax, ever. One day in the middle of one of our weekly blow-outs, she screamed about how scared she was and how she didn’t feel safe and had no idea how we were ever going to get out from beneath our mountains of debt, and that she knew we’d never ever retire. That “never ever retire” thing was really loud.”

That’s when I made a decision to do whatever it takes to take better care of my family, the way a responsible man would.

I started looking at side jobs and opportunities, and I came across a free Forex training. I had thought about learning stock trading in the past, and of course I’d read stories of people hitting it big with them, but I was a skeptic.

I kept looking for other things, but the free Forex class was still in the back of my mind, and when I mentioned it to my wife, she was really supportive of it. There was nothing to lose really, it was a free training, and at the very least, I’d have to learn something from these guys who were making a whole lot more money than I was, so I decided to go and learn everything I could.


I guess you could say the rest is history. I walked out of that training a brand new man. It’s been years since my wife and I have had to worry about money or our retirement. Since that very first free class, the guys at Forex have taught me everything they know.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. It would have saved a lot of heartache.

They still offer that same free training. It’s open for anyone who is willing to listen and wants a change. I have total confidence in recommending the guys there. I say go for it, don’t miss your chance to check it out. Don’t keep putting things off, I know how it is, we’re all busy. The sooner you start, the sooner the worry goes away, and the sooner your life, your finances and your future get better, and let me tell ya, there’s no better feeling than peace of mind. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

What You Can Do To Take Care Of Your Family

85% of the world’s population has no retirement, and nearly half of the world’s population live in poverty, according to research. Don’t let your family fall victim to this.

We live in a new day and age where it’s extremely important that you don’t just rely on jobs and government to take care of you and your family. And now, thanks to the internet and people who are willing to help, you can learn and apply new skills faster than ever before.

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You owe it to your family AND yourself.

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